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New Trailer for Doctor Who Christmas Special

by Becca Harperon 13/12/2014
The new trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special conveys a much less cheery outlook then the previous ones. This 35 second trailer for ‘Last Christmas’ sees the Doctor returning to Clara and whisking her away to the North Pole where they are joined by good ol’ Saint Nick played by Nick Frost. The synopsis […]

The Doctor to Regenerate at Christmas!

by Stephen Breweron 02/06/2013
The news broke last night that the Doctor will be regenerating in this years Christmas special. Matt Smith is quitting the TARDIS, though for all Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman) fans you may relax, she has signed on to continue as the new Doctors assistant, whomever that maybe.   Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor has […]

Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special – 9GPPs

by JodieAvoon 28/12/2012
Straight to the Point: “The Snowmen”, the eagerly awaited Christmas special of Doctor Who was a whirlwind journey of nail biting adventure into a world where Frosty the snowman isn’t so jolly as first expected, and, I loved every minute. The episode made it to our TVs on Christmas Day and the programme begins with […]