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All-Star Western #20 – 8 GPPs

by Andy Haighon 27/05/2013
Hex and his new-found partner Booster Gold set out to track down the Hootkins Gang, only for things to not go exactly according plan. Introducing amnesiac and de-powered time traveller Booster Gold in issue #19 was a pretty left field move on the part of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray- it could’ve alienated a lot […]

Marvel Roundup (12/12/12)

by Laura Maieron 18/12/2012
Marvel NOW! continues to reboot- er, reintroduce- our favourite characters, and this week sees the release of Cable and X-Force #1. Not in any way related to Uncanny X-Force, this sees Cable reuniting with Domino and Hope, and picking up Colossus, Forge and Dr. Nemesis. And lest we be tricked into thinking that they’ll be […]