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B•Sieged: Sons of the Abyss Review

by Ben Feeon 29/03/2016
In the four short years since they decided to get into the cut-and-thrust world of board-game publishing, Cool Mini Or Not have cemented a reputation for fantastic games with exceptionally sculpted miniatures, as seen in the ubiquitous Zombicide franchise, the arcade-inspired Super Dungeon Explore series and, more recently, the gory Viking-em-up, Blood Rage. Now, in […]

Bloodborne to get a card game designed by Eric Lang

by Bevan Clatworthyon 27/03/2016
Bloodborne. The name conjours up epic and grisly monsters, a dark and gothic landscape, and a difficulty level that can only be described as ‘brutal’. So imagine my surprise when Eric Lang, designer of epic games like Blood Rage and Quarriors! revealed on Twitter that he will be working with CoolMiniOrNot to bring us Bloodborne […]