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80’s inspired Fantasy Horror The Demon’s Rook release imminent

by Andy Haighon 18/09/2014
The Demon’s Rook is an indie fantasy horror film inspired by 80’s Horror cinema and partially funded via crowdfunding. The film is co-written and directed by star James Sizemore and is the tale of Roscoe (Sizemore) who discovers a portal to another realm as a child and becomes the apprentice of Dimwos (John Chatham) a magic […]

Dave’s Cultamania: Movies based on Video Games

by Dave Foyon 02/08/2014
With the recent announcement at SDCC that the video game masterpiece that is The Last Of Us has been optioned for a 2016/2017 movie adaption (courtesy of horror legend Sam Raimi and video gaming’s newest messiah Neil Druckmann), my immediate reaction was actually one of dread. Not because I think that the concept of TLOU […]

80’s inspired short film Kung Fury hits Kickstarter and goes viral.

by Andy Haighon 31/12/2013
Kung Fury is the project of David Sandberg an 80’s inspired action comedy featuring vikings, fast cars, dinosaurs, time travel and a cop on the edge who likes to break the rules. The project launched on Kickstarter and the trailer quickly went viral, even getting coverage in The Independents Arts section, as a result Kung […]

Brian Keene’s ‘The Cage’ coming to life with your help.

by Andy Haighon 04/10/2013
Remember when horror films were scary, disturbing ,gave you nightmares and they had amazing practical fx before everything got watered down for mass consumption and replaced with bad CG?  John D. Wagner and Brian Keene, celebrated Bram Stoker Award winning horror writer do, that’s why they’re wanting to make a film of Keene’s celebrated opus […]

Cabinet of Curiosities

by Andy Haighon 17/08/2013
For this installment of Cabinet of Curiosities I’ve focused on World Cinema. I’ve long held the belief that those that ‘don’t do subtitles’ really are missing out on some of the best that cinema has to offer. There are numerous foreign-language films that have been remade for a Western audience, with The Girl With The […]