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Joking Hazard Kickstarter campaign

Joking Hazard – A Kickstarter from Cyanide and Happiness

by jollinson 16/02/2016   Over the years there have been many successful campaigns on Kickstarter supporting card games. Just recently The Oatmeal successfully funded their popular game “Exploding Kittens” which was able to reach $8,782,571 before ending. At the time that was record breaking but other projects have since moved on to raise even more! Explosm have taken to […]

Five things you could buy INSTEAD of an Xbox One

by The_Dark_Mikeon 05/06/2013
  Today this happened on   So now we in Britain know what the projected costs are for what is quite frankly the biggest let down since Prince Charming found out where Rapunzel’s hair really came from (Thanks, Cyanide and Happiness) As you can see, The PS4 has been projected as the same price, […]