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Suicide Squad Review and Giveaway : Not so Rotten after all!

by joshkingofgeekson 07/08/2016
*****POSSIBLE SPOILERS WITHIN***** ****Make sure to check out the Suicide Squad Giveaway at the bottom of the review.*** I walked into the midnight screening at my local Vue with optimism and an unbiased mind, I had read the review that Rotten Tomatoes had done and I really couldn’t believe they hated it that much. So […]

Suicide Squad – ‘Blitz’ Trailer lands

by Callum Tyndallon 11/04/2016
The newest Suicide Squad trailer has just arrived and features plenty more action, a whole load of Joker and, interestingly, a fair amount of Batman. Perhaps most notable however is the humour content in the trailer. Given that Suicide Squad is apparently undergoing reshoots at the moment designed to up the comedy/fun element, following the […]

David Ayer reveals first look at Suicide Squad The Internet goes erm, what?

by Andy Haighon 04/05/2015
So for anyone that didn’t know the first official photo of the cast of David Ayer’s upcoming Suicide Squad in costume hit the internet after first appearing on Ayer’s Twitter account and well my response was pretty much a confused, ehhhh? Anyone with half a brain knows that there’s going to be some variation on […]