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David Goyer talks Swamp Thing appearing on Constantine

by Andy Haighon 03/11/2014
David Goyer executive producer of NBC’s new Constantine, which has just aired its second episode, has spoken about one of the things that Hellblazer fans have been speculating about, namely, whether Swamp Thing, the avatar of the Green who has a distinctly tangled history with John Constantine, will be appearing at some point. Talking to […]

A Reworked Pilot For NBC’s Constantine & Showrunners Make Bold Statements At SDCC

by Andy Haighon 28/07/2014
There’s been plenty of news around NBC’s upcoming Constantine with cast changes and new characters being cast, but one thing to emerge from SDCC is the new altered pilot that was screened. There are some fundamental changes that have been made, specifically with how the pilot ends. Sources say these changes include the original demonic […]

David Goyer in talks for rumoured adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman

by Andy Haighon 22/11/2013
  Adapting classic critically acclaimed comics for the screen is the in thing apparently as Badassdigest has announced that David Goyer has been in talks with Warner Bros about another long mooted adaptation, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.  They also imply Joseph Gordon-Levitt is involved.  MTV reports that Gaiman seems positive about the rumours and is quoted […]

John Constantine Headed for NBC

by Andy Haighon 29/09/2013
As Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D premieres, it’s been announced a new series named ‘Constantine’ is set to appear based on the chain-smoking magus formerly of Hellblazer. The show is set to appear on NBC and will be written/ executive produced by David Goyer and Daniel Cerone. Hellblazer and its world of dark magics, demons and […]