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Doctor Who Enemies: The Daleks

by Stephen Breweron 20/11/2013
The brain child of science fiction writer Terry Nation (Survivor, Blake’s 7) and designed by Raymond Cusick (BBC Staff Designer) the Daleks are the most iconic of the Doctors enemies. Created by Davros during the final years of a thousand-year long war Davros genetically modified the inhabitants of Skaro , known then as Kaleds. He […]

Doctor Who Enemies: The Master

by Stephen Breweron 08/11/2013
First Appearance: Terror of the Autons (1971) First Actor: Roger Delgado The Doctor has had several high-profile enemies, but possibly not one more dangerous than ‘The Master’. The brainchild of the first creative team, headed up by producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks who both deliberately choose his title as ‘The Master’. They […]