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Classic Trinity and Aberrant now available on Bundle of Holding

by Peter Ray Allisonon 29/01/2019
Psion, the stars await, in the Trinity 1E Bundle.  This bundle presents PDF ebooks of the 1997 first edition of Trinity, the table-top roleplaying game originally published by White Wolf. In the 22nd Century, as the world rebuilds from the devastating Aberrant War, bioengineered psions protect humanity from mutants, hostile aliens, and insidious conspiracies This bargain-priced collection gives you everything […]

Total War Devs Announce Games Workshop Partnership

by Matt_Walklateon 06/12/2012
Great news for Warhammer fans today, as Sega has announced a “Multi-game deal” between British developers The Creative Assembly, and Games Workshop. Eurogamer published the story earlier on today after an interview with Sega UK. The publisher said they will be looking at developing for the “Warhammer universe of fantasy battles”. They have also confirmed that THQ […]