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Demon Knights #19

by Andy Haighon 12/04/2013
Exoristos and Madame Xanadu try to convince Vandal Savage to spare Etrigan and join their forces. Meanwhile Cain and his army lay siege to the island of Themyscira. In Hell Jason Blood continues to defy Lucifer whilst the Lord of Hell realises the threat Cain is. Demon Knights has taken a few twists and turns […]

Weekly Comics Roundup (12/09/12)

by Laura Maieron 15/09/2012
THE BEST OF MARVEL   AvX Round 11 (writer: Brian Michael Bendis; artist: Olivier Coipel) Quite possibly the best premise for a crossover event since Marvel vs. DC in 1995, AvX has managed to tear fan loyalties just as much as Civil War did, only with a world-destroying cosmic entity instead of politics.  The title is […]