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Dept of Monsterology Sabbaticals #1

by Andy Haighon 11/10/2015
The last time I mentioned Dept. of Monsterology published by Renegade Arts Entertainment it was in the back end of 2013, an impressive pulp sci-fi inspired indie comics gem from writer Gordon Rennie and artist P J Holden that definitely made an impression. Now in the back end of 2015 Dept. of Monsterology has returned […]

Top Indie Comics of 2013: Pulp Thrills, Surprise Powers and Intelligent Horror

by Andy Haighon 31/12/2013
2013 has seen a lot of things happening in the world of comics, with both DC and Marvel launching new titles whilst others have been cancelled. There’s been various events too from DC’s Trinity War to Marvel’s X-Men Battle of the Atom . In a different corner of the comics world far removed from the […]