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8 Sequels And Remakes I Actually Want, That Hollywood Will Not Give Me

by spikedirectionon 07/07/2015
You don’t have to look hard to find film fans complaining, at length, about the indomitable tide of unwanted sequels or remakes swamping our cinemas and taking funds away from creative or interesting ideas. I’d usually be one of them; I’d much rather be surprised by something new, than watch studio execs, led by focus […]

Judgement is coming: Lawgiver Mk.II

by Peter Ray Allisonon 23/01/2015
Over the decades we have seen Dredd appearing in comics, novels and films. The 2012 film, starring Karl Urban and Lena Headley, brought a new legion of fans to Mega-City One, as Urban’s portrayal of Judge Dredd was universally enjoyed by fans and critics alike. Now we have Lawgiver, the world’s only convention dedicated to […]

Karl Urban speaks about potential Dredd prequel at Chicago Comic Con

by Andy Haighon 09/09/2014
2012’s Dredd based on the infamous Judge Dredd, future law man of Mega City One, from British anthology comic 2000AD is one of the best comic to screen adaptations yet, with Karl Urban gaining legions of fans for his portrayal of the stoic judge. Despite being a hit with critics and 2000AD fans the film […]

2000AD Announces Dredd Illustrated Script, Visuals Book and More

by Andy Haighon 03/04/2014
Whilst news of a follow up to Karl Urban’s sleeper hit Dredd has yet to materialise fans of the film can look forward to being able to pick up a special “Dredd illustrated movie script and visuals” book. Plans for the book were announced at the recent Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, Washington. The book, […]

Dredd Beats Cinema Classics in Contest & Karl Urban Has a Special Message for Fans

by Andy Haighon 02/04/2014
As a testament to the Dredd’s enduring and building popularity, which contrasts sharply with its poor box office performance, the film from Pete Travis and Alex Garland, which featured Karl Urban as the stoic future lawman in Mega City One, has won Amazon’s March Movie Madness tournament. The film beat numerous other critically acclaimed cinema […]

Karl Urban narrates Judge Dredd America in motion comic.

by Andy Haighon 22/02/2014
Recently footage of Karl Urban star of Dredd3D reading out the opening monologue of classic Judge Dredd story “America” at Dallas Comic Con appeared on the internets. Another display of Urban being awesome towards fans, he was more than happy to oblige after a fan asked if he would do it in his Dredd voice. Urban […]

2000AD approved petition for a DREDD sequel pulls in big numbers.

by Andy Haighon 02/08/2013
Dredd – the recent film featuring Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, the stoic lawman of Mega City One, based on one of the most iconic characters in British comics gathered praise from fans and critics alike but for reasons unknown failed to pull in big numbers at the box office ixnaying the idea of a […]

Riddick Trailer Asks That Same Question

by James Buckinghamon 16/05/2013
“You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?” Riddick‘s gravelly-voiced catchphrase surfaces yet again in the latest installment of our shiny-eyed mass-murderer. I was pretty excited about returning to see what our old friend Richard B. Riddick had been up to since he prettymuch became Conan at the end of Chronicles of Riddick… however from […]

Abrams’ Next Series “Almost Human” Looks Awesome

by James Buckinghamon 14/05/2013
From an announcement of one series that looks a bit dodgy, to one that looks pretty damn good! Karl Urban brings his Dredd-like persona to JJ. Abrams‘ next project: Almost Human. Starring Urban as John Kennex, and Michael Ealy as his synthetic partner Dorian, Almost Human is being billed as a buddy cop/drama series that […]

Drokk! Dredd Sequel Not A Movie

by James Buckinghamon 12/04/2013
By now we all know that Pete Travis‘ Dredd is a massively underrated movie, and needs a sequel. If you’ve been keeping your eye on the Internet chatter, you’ll also know that due to the under-performance at the box office and on DVD/Blu Ray unfortunately there isn’t going to be one, no matter how much […]