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Kaizo Trap – Beautifully, Geeky, Animated Music Video

by Matt Gearyon 18/02/2016
On my regular jaunt around the Internet I stumbled across the below video (by Guy Collins) and being the curious chap I am, I gave it a click… beautiful is the word. In short it’s an animated music video about a girlfriend who buys her hubby a retro Games Console; cause that’s what awesome Girlfriends […]

Saint’s Row IV Newsfest – DLC, Oz Restrictions & More

by James Buckinghamon 30/07/2013
There’s a lot of press build up for GTA V, however there’s another sandbox title that’s been creating quite a  bit of controversy in the media lately – Saint’s Row IV is due to hit our shores this August, and there’s been a plethora of information hitting recently regarding several facets of the title. Before […]