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The Battle for Wesnoth

by Tom Sorsbyon 14/09/2015
The Battle for Wesnoth, for the many of you I’m sure who don’t know, is a turn-based fantasy-themed strategy game for the PC (and now tablet) which you can go and download right now. Usually I would go on for a bit longer before making the final recommendation, but since this game is completely free […]

Table Forged Relaunches ‘Iron & Ale’ Kickstarter Campaign

by Richie Janukowiczon 08/11/2013
Do you long for a Dwarven Drinking Card Game where you Mine, Fight Monsters and Challenge your Friends to Real Dwarven Feats of Strength? Me too! Then it’s a good job Table Forged have relaunched ‘Iron & Ale’ via Kickstarter. “Iron & Ale is 100% Dwarf. It is a game of mining, fighting monsters, drinking […]