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Dust and Sand – Chapter 23 – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 13/12/2012
Chapter 23 Dust felt The Badlands stirring with interest as they ran to Claw of the Gods, a thousand eyes and consciousnesses giving them cautious initial glances and weighing up their options. The death of so many of their kin would always attract notice, let alone when he was the one to do it, and […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 4 – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 17/07/2012
Shadows Fade followed the strange trail through the Badlands. Something foul had stirred. Unlike most, she loved the Badlands. She took in a deep breath and tasted home in the air. No matter what the pale folk said, no matter how many pieces of paper they waved around, this was her people’s land. The long […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 2- By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 03/07/2012
Chapter 2             The posse rose with the sun. Winston Grainger, Maintenance Overseer for the Texan Telegraph Concern, rolled out of his rawhide tent and stood blinking at the coming day as his hired guns packed up their encampment. They complained, these mercenaries, but the pay was good enough for them to put up with […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 1- By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 26/06/2012
Chapter 1 Dust was drinking. Alone. Again.             The Broken Bottle, that’s where he was. A little place in Texas, out of the way and unknown, it was the drinking hole of Low Tracks. Its low ceiling and sand-encrusted windows gave it a gloom that Dust could appreciate. Especially when you looked out over the […]