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E-Sports in the UK: Dead, dying or coming to life?

by Lendosanon 31/08/2015
Europe seems to have switched on to the eSports vibe, and it is running rampant. So why in the United Kingdom, and a greater part of Europe, are eSports so small?

Play Expo 2012, Get the Geek Pride Lowdown!

by Matt_Walklateon 15/10/2012
“Just push the Pear to start”. That was one of the more unusual phrases I had said to me at this year’s Play Expo. Sadly, even fruit-based control pads must come to an end; and so ends the end of a fantastic weekend of games, talks, and cosplay at Play Expo in Manchester! Geek Pride […]

Geek Pride at Play Expo – SEE YOU THERE!

by Matt_Walklateon 11/10/2012
Keep one eye on Geek Pride this weekend, as we invade EventCity in Manchester for the Play Expo Weekend. The UK’s only expo to cater for gamers of all backgrounds has gone big this year, with brand new features and areas, and we will be bringing you information and stories straight from the Expo all weekend long. Developers […]