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Rooftop Retro: Lost Format Society

by Andrew Corbanon 29/04/2016
What can you do on top of an NCP in Croydon on a Wednesday? Enjoy an evening of drinks, food and a good movie of course! The Lost Format Society is a rooftop bar and cinema located in Croydon town centre it is not only a cinematic experience but also doubles as a night out […]

Renaissance Not Fair

by Lauren Crofton 06/04/2016
As some of you may already know, a Renaissance fair is a gathering of people celebrating what’s known in England as the Middle Ages (or other historical periods such as the Medieval or Viking era). Mainly popular in American culture they can include period inspired entertainment, food, costumes and stalls. Despite being based on English […]

Rumpus “Choose your own misadventure” & the Era of Live Gaming

by MrCraiggyon 06/04/2016
Allow me to set the scene. It’s Friday night. I thought I was in London, but instead, I found myself surrounded by Unicorns, Unicorn Hunters, Sky Pirates, Luchadors and so many other vibrant characters. There are duels with swords within the royal court. There is a rebellion among the Panda community. I played cards against […]

Slow Mo Video: Asahi’s New Video Booth

by Andrew Corbanon 12/03/2016
Premium Japanese beer brand Asahi is bringing their super-slow motion video booth to an event near you!  On Thursday I got to spend some time trying out this pint glass shaped video booth that brings together the fun of slow motion video and marries it with the Japanese craze for purinto kurabu (print club) booths. […]


by Matt Gearyon 04/08/2014
A bit delayed but here you go! It has been a few days since the Con in Manchester and only now do I feel like I’m returning back to a bit of normality. With a surge of geek energy pulsing through my veins, since my arrival in Manchester last week, I felt like I couldn’t be more in my […]

Remember, Wear Goggles: The Haberdash Steampunk Shop

by LadyNoctison 16/09/2013
So I had a chat with Avon Taylor, the gentleman and inventor behind The Haberdash Steampunk Shop, and here is what he had to say… The Haberdash grew, and continues to do so, in stages. Originally started as a hobby with spare parts from clockwork repair, as a way to pass time between volunteer shifts […]

A retailers perspective on DC Comics

by Andy Haighon 14/09/2013
 DC Comics has come under fire for numerous things in recent times. The latest being the furore over the departure of the creative team on Batwoman and an ill thoughout competition involving Harley Quinn. Whilst these well publicised events may incense fans it’s rare for retailers (the owners of the multitude of comic shops catering […]

Explore Ipswich Zelda style!

by GuruMelon 20/06/2013
For this years Switch Fringe festival, a 16 day community arts and music festival in Ipswich running through June and July, The Decibel Kid has designed an amazing Zelda / Pokemon style map of the town and venues. It could only be better if it was playable, and was of my town! The map is […]

Geek Pride at Play Expo – SEE YOU THERE!

by Matt_Walklateon 11/10/2012
Keep one eye on Geek Pride this weekend, as we invade EventCity in Manchester for the Play Expo Weekend. The UK’s only expo to cater for gamers of all backgrounds has gone big this year, with brand new features and areas, and we will be bringing you information and stories straight from the Expo all weekend long. Developers […]