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How has Facebook Influenced the Growth of Social Gaming?

by Matt Gearyon 25/07/2015
  To many, the concepts of social gaming and Facebook are intertwined. After all, social gaming as we know it today first became prevalent on the Facebook platform, where titles such as Farmville and Cityville first began to connect a motivated and interactive network of players. In reality, however, social gaming has existed for generations, […]

Michael Jackson Eating Popcorn…Making Facebook Comments Fun Again. For Now.

by therockfairyon 13/08/2014
Remember when the comment section on Facebook was actually quite interesting?  You could see a really funny/insulting/heartfelt picture and then take great delight in reading people’s comments.  You could marvel at the sheer ignorance of people or revel in their genius.  Then this happened…   It was actually quite funny at first.  Then people decided not to […]

Strange News Round Up: Mr Poo, Hamuketsu & Jenga

by Stephen Breweron 19/04/2014
In India and UNICEF who have made an appeal online for the other half of the population to use a toilet for their fecal matter. Usually this wouldn’t make the news except for the fact they have made the appeal by making a large brown poo anthropomorphic. The video seen below has a rather catchy […]

In Space No-one Can Hear You Nom

by James Buckinghamon 15/04/2014
A friend of mine is one lucky sonova… well… he’s a lucky guy. For one, he works for The Creative Assembly (the guys behind the epic Total War series)… a job which I’m immensely jealous of. Secondly, he got to munch on something truly epic today that got sent to the CA offices; An Alien: […]

Isometrics: Facebook, Virtual Insanity, Hyperreality and the Oculous Ideological Rift

by David Roseon 15/04/2014
The news of Facebook buying Oculus VR has led to a massive storm of controversy. Isometrics looks at the history of VR and asks what it is that is so powerful about the concept… Welcome to Isometrics, the Visually Radient cybercolumn about the literary world of computer and video games, and this week we dust off […]


by Matt Gearyon 22/03/2014
I have been out of action for nearly a week now due to Convention Flu, or some other lurgy that has laid me low. Suffice to say I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself and turned to the tinterweb to try and break me out of my funk. Surely there will be something out […]

Dragons & Titans Review

by Nick Hancheton 20/03/2014
The MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre has become increasingly popular over the last few years, culminating in producing some of most devoted players and fans alike, spawning massive tournaments watched by millions online. With the current heavy hitters being League of Legends and Dota 2, with Blizzard‘s Heroes of the Storm on the not-so-distant horizon, […]

Guerilla Tea Creates Cancer Research Game

by Stephen Breweron 28/07/2013
Guerilla Tea, the Dundee based developer have joined forces with Cancer Research UK to create ‘GeneGame‘, a mobile title that will allow gamers to analyse gene data and contribute to the fight against cancer.   Guerilla Tea CEO Mark Hastings said, ‘We’ve always believed games technology has the potential to provide huge benefits to other […]

GEEKS MEAN PRIZES # 8 – Tomb Raider Giveaway** CLOSED***

by Matt Gearyon 15/04/2013
WINNERS:  Entry #1048Jane M. Entry #492Janice D. WIN A COPY OF THE NEW TOMB RAIDER GAME!  Geek Pride generosity knows no bounds! Want to Win a copy of the new Tomb Raider game for XBox 360 or PS3? COURSE YOU DO! As always, its very simple, click the link to go to our giveaway ap (or  click […]

Eidos To Unveil New Deus Ex Game [Updated!]

by James Buckinghamon 01/04/2013
If there’s one series of games that will always make me drool (besides the second one), it’s Deus Ex. The first game is my favourite game of all-time, and the third title Human Revolution is definitely in my top 10. Well it seems that Square Enix are due to unveil the next in the series […]