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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review – 8 GPPs

by Phil_Matthewson 13/05/2013
If you’re a fan of 80s action movies, then Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the game you need. A downloadable, stand alone, single player, which uses the Far Cry 3 engine and pays homage to films of the 80s.  The year is 2007; it is the future (from an 80’s perspective anyway), and Earth […]

[Geek Deals] Far Cry 3 currently available for £14.99/1760 Microsoft Points from Xbox Live

by Sai Mealingon 01/05/2013
To  celebrate this week’s release of Far Cry: Blood Dragon on Xbox Live, Ubisoft have sneakily also dropped the price for the full Games on Demand version of Far Cry 3 to just £14.99 or 1760 MSP for an undisclosed limited time only. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to watch your […]

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Stand-Alone Spin-Off Coming Soon

by Phil_Matthewson 14/04/2013
Originally thought to be yet another April fools prank, Far Cry: Blood Dragon is due to released on PSN, XBLA and PC on May 1st. The game will be a stand-alone title, featuring a single-player campaign using the Far Cry 3 engine, set in the future, but one based on the vision of films and […]

Far Cry 3, The Geek Pride Review – 8GPP

by Matt_Walklateon 09/02/2013
Straight to the Point; The Far Cry series has always made great things with the premise of one man alone in the wilderness, and Far Cry 3 keeps this up with stunning visuals and excellent gameplay.    As Far Cry 3’s deranged antagonist Vaas says often; “Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity […]

The Far Cry Experience Eps 1 – 4 Starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Michael Mando ( Explicit content)

by Matt Gearyon 04/12/2012
 With the Release of Far Cry 3, Machinma and Ubisoft have come up with this awesome Dark Comedy web-series, about Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Mc Lovin) “surviving” on a tropical island…. Far Cry Island to be exact. As expected, things get a bit messed up!  Check out the first 4 episodes below:  Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad & Kick-Ass) continues […]

E3 2012 Press Conferences

by Matt Gearyon 06/06/2012
Sadly Geek Pride, being the young whippersnappers we are, were not at E3 this year…. One day… one day! (Shakes fist) Anyway, just because we were absent from all the fun and games, (boom boom!) doesn’t mean we can’t give you a run down on what is going on. By pressing the title of the […]