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5 Things I Learned While Playing FTL

by Matt_Walklateon 01/02/2013
  FTL is one hell of a game. Play it right and you can have hours of joy and a sense of accomplishment usually reserved for people who can eat fifty hotdogs in a minute. Play it wrong, however, and you will never have been more likely to ragequit. It’s a tough galaxy out there, […]

FTL: Faster Than Light – 8 GPPs

by Andrew Corbanon 06/10/2012
Straight to the Point – This kickstarter success story is a superb yet simple roguelike game with its intense tactical combat and random adventures making it well worth its remarkably cheap price of seven pounds. Crewman Christoff is dead, cornered in a corridor by the gunnery room and torn to pieces by two Mantis warriors […]