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Denver Comic-Con 2017, Part 1: Celebrities

by xdustineflxon 08/08/2017
At the beginning of July, I attended the 6th annual Denver Comic-Con, along with my wife and daughter. We have attended every year since its inception, and it’s the one event in the area we do not miss every year. Tons of celebrities, cosplay, booths, artists, merchandise and more spread across three days of fun. […]

Tabletop Day 2015 Promo Kits Revealed

by Bevan Clatworthyon 27/02/2015
TableTop Day 2015 is fast approaching, the day when stores and venues across the globe come together to show off all the gaming goodness there is in the world. Perfect for new players and old alike, TTD2015 is a great opportunity to try out something cool in cardboard and dice. With this in mind, Geek […]

YouTube Geek Week

by Andrew Corbanon 03/08/2013
Following on from the popularity of YouTube Comedy Week, starting this Sunday 4th August, YouTube are launching their first ever Geek Week, which promises videos from the likes of Geek and Sundry, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, Polaris and The Nerdist Channel. See their teaser video here:

Throw Out Your TV – Top 5 Geek Webseries

by Ben Feeon 30/01/2013
Everything is getting smaller and faster. Computers which would have taken up an entire room forty years ago are now small enough to fit in your pocket and staying in touch with family abroad took weeks before the advent of email and Skype. The future is Speedy Gonzales riding a bullet, and nowhere else is […]