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Horror Spotlight: Deathgasm

by Andrew Corbanon 11/02/2016
Today in the horror spotlight, a film for fans of horror and metal alike!

The Chronicles of Mega Shark

by Andrew Corbanon 07/02/2016
There was once a giant shark that fought in the ocean. This is his story.

Should we stop getting HYPED?

by Andrew Corbanon 04/06/2015
Fallout 4… Suicide Squad… Game of Thrones… Does the hype train ever stop? When it comes to geeky things I like, I will happily be the first guy to get SUPER hyped up about the latest trailer, announcement, casting decision, etcetera etcetera… but as we get older we start to recognise how that may hurt […]

MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con

by Peter Ray Allisonon 25/11/2014
Geek Pride returns from Birmingham Comic Con and brings you the low-down on one of the UK's biggest conventions.