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XCOM 2: First Impressions

by Tom Sorsbyon 08/02/2016
XCOM 2 finally arrived on shelves and digital storefronts on the 5th of February, having been delayed from its original November release date so Firaxis could iron out the remaining kinks with their new procedural world generator – theoretically, this is now a game you can play a hundred times without ever getting a repeated […]

XCom: The Board Game Review

by Tom Sorsbyon 16/05/2015
(Previously on XCom: Updates Within…) In space, no one can hear you scream. The same is true here on the planet Earth after the aliens have landed, but that’s because everyone else at the table is screaming along with you. Better put on your brownest trousers, because things are going to get messy. Let’s talk […]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review – 9GPP

by Phil_Matthewson 15/11/2012
Straight to the point: A fantastic, immersive strategy game that is fairly easy to pick up but very hard to put down. With some good replay value it is also a great game for console-owning, strategy fans, as it isn’t just a dumbed down version of a PC title. Originally, this remake of Microprose’s 1994 […]