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Rememblog #2: How Angel Showed Me A Darker Heroism

by Callum Tyndallon 19/11/2014
So apparently when I said we’d hopefully be back with this soon I meant 3 months. So, yeah… more than a little awkward at the failure there. Anyway, I am returning once more with the Rememblog, for those of you don’t know what this is I refer you here. For those of you who do remember […]

Disney’s First Animated Marvel Movie: Big Hero 6

by James Buckinghamon 10/05/2013
Disney have announced the first Marvel property to be made into a CG animated movie, and they’re going down the superteam route again a-la The Avengers, by optioning Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau‘s Big Hero 6. If I’m completely honest, I’ve not heard of Big Hero 6 before today… however looking at the subject material […]