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Free Film Friday – His Girl Friday

by Michael Doddon 10/01/2014
Ah, that satisfying moment when the title of the film and the title of the blog sync up a little. Hello everybody and welcome back to Free Film Friday, your weekly exploration of the public domain. When you’ve had a long, hard week, I hope you can find some relief in a slice of cinema […]

Free Film Friday – Intolerance: Love’s Struggles Through The Ages

by Michael Doddon 18/10/2013
Last week’s choice of film proved quite controversial and so it was decided not to publish it. The picture notably caused controversy when it was first released nearly one hundred years ago and has continued to do so ever since. While the response to The Birth of a Nation from audience, critics, film historians and lowly public […]

Free Film Friday – The Men Who Invented Cinema

by Michael Doddon 04/10/2013
I’m going to be really geeky this week. I do try to find films in the public domain that are not only interesting but also entertaining, and maybe this week I’ll fail you on the latter, but how can I pass up the opportunity to discuss the very origins of cinema? Auguste and Louis Lumière […]

Free Film Friday – The Immigrant

by Michael Doddon 27/09/2013
Since I’ve been recommending movies that are absolutely free to view I have been looking forward to talking about the star of this week’s picture. I have discussed obscurities alongside films of tremendous influence, but this week I’m going to be focusing entirely on one of Hollywood’s all time greats, Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin is one […]

Free Film Friday – The General

by Michael Doddon 20/09/2013
Getting back to basics this week I thought we’d take a look at one of the most renowned silent comedies ever made. I couldn’t decide between Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin, but in the end the charm of this brilliant film was what convinced me to go with the former. We’ll check out a work […]

Free Film Friday – The Driller Killer

by Michael Doddon 13/09/2013
Did you ever watch Goosebumps back in the day? Well if you did try to imagine the creepy voice that welcomed you to the show as you read the next line. Ready? Welcome to Free Film Friday the 13th! Mwahahahaha. Thank you, it was fun to do that with you. Anyway, yes it is indeed […]

Free Film Friday – Death Rides A Horse

by Michael Doddon 06/09/2013
As this feature is now a month old, I thought I would revisit the theme of the first edition of Free Film Friday. A lot of good movies are in the public domain because the set time on their copyright has expired, but often a really sweet flick will lapse into free film territory due […]

Free Film Friday – The Intruder

by Michael Doddon 30/08/2013
 This week the world marked fifty years since Dr. Martin Luther King  stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. and  declared that he had a dream. It was a speech of remarkable significance  to the American public consciousness, and it was also one of the most  beautifully expressive rallying cries for […]

Free Film Friday – Nosferatu

by Michael Doddon 24/08/2013
 Delving back into the past this week I thought we should take a  look at  something a little less obscure. Something well known,  iconic, and  above all feature length. Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror is not  only an all time classic work of cinema, it is in  fact  one of the great  staples of geekdom. […]

Free Film Friday – Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life

by Michael Doddon 16/08/2013
For the past two weeks I have been creating a blog which is hopefully not only of great interest to film geeks, but also of great service. To that end I have been focusing on films which would appeal to fans of trivia, important cinematic milestones from long ago whose influence still resonates today. As […]