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Dark Souls 3 – More Like Demon’s Souls 2

by SeanPWallaceon 11/10/2015
I am an enormous Soulsbourne fan, having completed each game multiple times and having done SL1 runs of the Dark Souls games (I’m not yet hardcore enough to do an SL1 Demon’s Souls run, and will complete my BL4 Bloodborne run eventually). These games, spearheaded by renowned games designer Hidetaki Miyazaki, are special in a […]

Memoria: PC Preview

by Stephen Breweron 23/07/2013
The time of point and click adventures seem to be having somewhat of a resurgence as of late, and to me that's just brilliant. I cut my gaming teeth so to speak on the incredible (if somewhat frustrating) Discworld, Monkey Island and Broken Sword games so I'm in love with Tell-Tale games and now Daedalic Entertainment. Tell-Tale for bringing me the wonderful Walking Dead series and latest Monkey Island and Daedalic for Memoria.