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First Ghost in the Shell Trailer Released

by Lianneon 14/11/2016
I’ve been following the progress of the Ghost in the Shell Hollywood live action movie like most anime fans, with a lot of trepidation. So far the track record for Western Anime remakes has been extremely poor (Dragonball Evolution) or the movies have not even been able to make it out of development (Akira). I […]

Put Down The Paintbrush Hollywood: Diversity Matters

by TinkerTonkson 21/11/2015
Earlier this week, the forthcoming Gods of Egypt movie released it’s character posters featuring a highly controversial cast. The film, as you may imagine, is set in Egypt and focuses on two warring Egyptian Gods, yet neither of them, as per the casting choice, is even the slightest bit remotely reminiscent of Egyptian. While I […]

Insomnia, Channel 4, the 90s and an introduction to anime

by Andy Haighon 17/02/2014
For people of a certain age who had a talent for staying up later than they should have, Channel 4 in the 90s had a secret that once uncovered illuminated a whole other world.  This other world was Anime.  Of course to the modern day anime/manga fan the idea that not many people, in the […]

Free FPS based on Ghost In The Shell Incoming 2014

by James Buckinghamon 15/02/2013
Shirow Masamune‘s Ghost In The Shell is one of my favourite Anime movies, and with it being one of the principal influences for The Matrix (another of my favourite movies)… any games based on it tend to make me drool. So imagine my anime-esque cow-eyed look when I found out that Nexon (known for Maple […]