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Geek Pride Guide To Summer Sales #1: The GOG Show

by Ben Feeon 10/06/2016
Ah, Summertime. For most people this means lounging in the Sun, squeezing into a packed beer garden, or standing in a supermarket aisle wondering if the price tag for the sun cream is some kind of ghastly error, but for us geeks it is a time for drawing those curtains a little closer, breaking out […]

Broken Sword 5: Available for Pre-Order now

by Stephen Breweron 28/11/2013
For fans of the Broken Sword franchise, the point-and-click adventure game, today is a good day. The fifth instalment of Broken Sword is now available for pre-order from, Steam and Revolution’s own website. Split into two episodes the first instalment is coming to PC globally on 4th December 2013, the second following shortly after […]