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10000000 Coming To Android March 14

by Matt_Walklateon 13/03/2013
10000000, 10,000,000, 10M, Ten-Million…. However the hell you are supposed to write it down, 10,000,000 (I’m going with that), the annoyingly-named and also extremely popular iOS game is finally coming to Android on March 14. That’s tomorrow for all you numeraphobics out there ($10 word). In the game, you play an Indiana Jones-esque character trapped in […]

Angry Birds Starwars is out now!

by Matt Gearyon 12/11/2012
awww man, another angry birds game to frustrate me! You can download ABSW now!   Available to download now on iOS, Google Play, PC, Amazon, Mac, Windows 8 & WP8! Angry Birds Star Wars is a new Angry Birds game set in a galaxy far, far away. Take a look at our homepage […]