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The Read Pile – The GP Comics Blog #3

by Andy Haighon 23/04/2016
Welcome to another edition of The Read Pile the GP comics blog where we’ll be talking about what we’ve been reading recently, what was good, what was bad, what you should be checking out and other randomness. Just like before other contributions are colour coded, whilst mine are black. One of my top new finds […]

Kill your characters: Why Batman needs to die

by The_Dark_Mikeon 23/06/2015
One issue. They couldn’t let Batman be actual, for realises dead for one stinkin’ issue. And no, I’m not accepting FCBD’s offering as that was a spin off. Batman #41 came out a few days ago, showing us the first escapades of one Moustacheless Jim Gordon fighting an energy monster in a batmech. Now the […]

Future Shock documentary set to tell the story of 2000AD

by Andy Haighon 20/08/2014
Future Shock is the name of an upcoming documentary that looks at the origins and long history of 2000AD, the seminal and influential British anthology comic. First appearing in 1977 originally intended to capitalise on the growing interest in sci-fi with the appearance of Star Wars, 2000AD was far removed from George Lucas’ clean cut […]

Comics Unmasked – Art and Anarchy in the UK at The British Library

by Andy Haighon 19/03/2014
Comics fans who like to take in a bit of culture too will be pleased to know that The British Library, as in The British Library Giles refers to in Buffy, has a new upcoming exhibit – Comics Unmasked – Art and Anarchy in the UK. “Comics Unmasked is the UK’s largest ever exhibition of […]

Arkham Origins

by Callum Tyndallon 03/11/2013
God damn Batman is cool. In my opinion, straight up the best superhero out there. There is just so much to love about him but, for me, the root of his sheer awesomeness is the fact that he’s just a man. A man who has not only gone toe to toe with gods, psychopaths and […]

Start A New Addiction Today!: The Five Best Comic Book Starting Points

by Ben Feeon 01/04/2013
Well. Comics, eh? What are they all about? If you’re one of the millions of geeks out there whose only encounters with comic books have involved Hugh Jackman or HBO, then you may have considered dabbling with a trade paperback or graphic novel only to be put off by decades of meandering plotline, deaths, resurrections, […]

(Another) Death in the Family

by Laura Maieron 05/03/2013
So, due to a shortage of staff at my day job and money in my bank account, I’ve just spent a knackering twelve days solid working in the hell that is retail. I come up for air, and apparently Damian Wayne has pegged it.  So what of Batman and Robin? Well, I’ve heard speculative whispers […]