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Battlefield Hardline: Hands-on preview

by Sai Mealingon 11/06/2014
In a time when E3 audiences are growing larger and considerably more remote, EA shook things up on Monday by announcing closed PC and PS4 betas for Battlefield:Hardline which opened immediately and with extremely limited available places. The internet predictably shit itself at that point as the hordes piled onto Battlelog, Origin and PSN hoping […]

Alien Isolation Hands-on: At last the bitch might finally be back

by Sai Mealingon 31/03/2014
If last year’s diabolical Aliens: Colonial Marines had a key weakness then it wasn’t the misleading press demonstrations, superfluous human enemies or even the fact that it was essentially just a re-skinned Borderlands mod with some flashy sound effects. Colonial Marines biggest crime was that it failed to respect the original franchise. This flaw wasn’t […]