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Review: Professor Elemental And His Amazing Friends

by xdustineflxon 14/12/2016
I am a big fan of Professor Elemental, aka “The Gentleman Rhymer”, and have been ever since discovering him by accident while reading an article on I love his style, which is a blend of hip-hop and humour, with a healthy dose of steampunk thrown in. It’s a very underappreciated genre, and one that […]

INTERVIEW: 2 Mello on Hip Hop, Geekdom, and Nerdcore Music

by Andrew Corbanon 11/07/2013
Hip-hop is a total artistic culture. It has art (graffiti), music (rap, scratch), dance (breaking, jookin) and fashion. Hip-hop also started out as an underdog part of American culture; a small marginal interest that didn’t initially draw mass appeal. Now hip-hop pervades pop culture and mainstream entertainment. This path finds a neat parallel in the […]