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Breaking Down the Independence Day Resurgence Trailer

by trekkiemarkon 22/04/2016
As far as blockbusters go Independence Day stands up there with the best of them and even after twenty years its perfect mix of CGI and physical graphics still hold up. Now in 2016, the city swatting aliens are back with a vengeance and here to rid the world of our popular tourist photo hotspots […]

They’re He-eere!! Independence Day #1

by Mark Cantyon 09/04/2016
With summer approaching, it's time for the first issue of Titan Comics' tie-in comic for the new Independence Day film. What did we think?

Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer is out

by Deepdarkredon 14/12/2015
In a world of prequels/sequels and generally unoriginal and unpromising plots, Independence Day: Resurgence threw its hat into the ring, hoping to deliver what so many before it failed to do: excitement, adventure and…a movie that won’t be blamed for nipping several careers in the bud. At least unlike some sequels, this one is actually warranted. […]

Today we Celebrate our Independence Day!

by TheSlasherJunkieon 05/07/2014
Hey guys, you may or may not remember me. My name is James, and the military has consumed most of my time for the last year, so I was on hiatus while people dropped out. Regardless, it seemed fitting for this piece to be done by an American, better yet an American Soldier. Sorry it’s […]

Will Smith: Possible Independence Day 2 U-Turn

by Stephen Breweron 07/09/2013
Ever since Independence Day 2 was announced there has been speculation as to whether or not Will Smith would reprise his role as the cigar smoking, alien punching Captain Steven Hiller. Roland Emmerich has stated from the off-set, much to fans disappointment that the I Am Legend star would not be returning, well it now […]