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Destructive Creations Announce Hatred, but who is the Target?

by David Roseon 17/10/2014
Experienced Polish indie developer Destructive Creations announced today the reveal of their debut game Hatred, a brutal, uncompromising isometric shooter where the goal is to kill everyone, and “take no prisoners”. Powered as much by controversy as the fourth iteration of the Unreal Engine, and sporting a somewhat familiar logo style, Hatred has the player […]

The 5 Greatest Isometric RPGs

by Ben Feeon 19/09/2012
The 5 Greatest Isometric RPGs I’ve recently become a desktop PC owner for the first time in about ten years and, as I expect all men reaching their thirties do, developed a desire to relive my gaming teens.  Visiting my local gaming establishments, of which there are painfully few (never mind Game, what happened to […]