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Seventh Son – A review

by Deepdarkredon 06/01/2015
With a line-up of big  names in the industry, Seventh Son showed a lot of promise. I was drawn in by the trailer which promised me epic battles, dragons and adventure. In turn it gave me bland faced actors and a story that was clunkily put together, so much so that at some point I was […]

RIPD – Dead on Arrival

by SeanPWallaceon 20/09/2013
* **SPOILERS*** I shall preface this review by saying that I have not read the RIPD comic, so I do not know how badly mangled or faithfully represented the storyline is. If it is faithful, then I will not be reading the RIPD comic. I don’t like to be negative about films (aside from The […]

R.I.P.D Is MIB With Zombies

by James Buckinghamon 18/04/2013
I just watched the trailer for R.I.P.D… twice… in quick succession… and I’m still grinning like a crack-addicted lolcat after they’ve actually got that bloody cheesburger. Have you ever wondered what a Zombie(ish)-orientated cop version of Men In Black would be like? Well now you don’t have to, because Peter M. Lenkov already beat you […]