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by Andy Haighon 19/04/2014
Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is a renowned scientist working on building the first true Artificial Intelligence or A.I. He is aided in his work by his partner Evelyn (Rebecca Hall). Max (Paul Bettany) is also a scientist that whilst working on his own projects, he is good friends with the Casters. After attending a conference […]

Oscar Shortlist For Best Visual Effects

by Stephen Breweron 14/12/2013
With awards season just around the corner, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (the people who give out the Oscars), announced their short list of 10 potential nominees for the Best Visual Effects category. As you will no doubt see, there is certainly a geeky trend running throughout the list:   Visual Effects […]

You need to stop playing Minecraft

by The_Dark_Mikeon 07/06/2013
Minecraft, for those of you in that have spent the last two years hiding in a bunker from nuclear fallout/Superman is essentially a Lego survival horror game where you play as a nondescript terrified survivor (or Steve to his friends) who can build whatever your imagination can dream up; an underground railway, a secret Bat […]

Sleepy Hollow Gets A TV Series

by James Buckinghamon 14/05/2013
Sooooo, yeah. Apparently the Tim Burton directed, Johnny Depp-starring movie Sleepy Hollow was successful enough for someone to come up with a hair-brained idea to make it into a series. No that sentence alone isn’t too bad… however setting it modern day, with a 250 year old Ichabod Crane? Hmmm. Unfortunately the series doesn’t involve […]

The Rum Diary (movie) (8GPPs)

by Matt Gearyon 15/12/2011
             by  Andy Cole Twitter: @steelyhands Johnny Depp has a lot to answer for: Pirates of the Caribbean : on stranger tides , Pirates of the Caribbean : at worlds end , Pirates of the Caribbean : dead mans chest , The tourist and Alice in wonderland ?! For someone like Depp, going two years without a […]