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Battletech – A game about loss

by Peter Ray Allisonon 30/04/2018
Battletech is the latest game from Harebrained Schemes, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Shadowrun trilogy.  Battletech is based upon the mech-themed board game of the same name, which follows the ongoing wars between competing interstellar dynasties that are fought using towering battlemechs. Whilst the board game evoked the grandeur of colossal mechs warring against […]

Geek Pride Interviews BattleTech creator Jordan Weisman

by Peter Ray Allisonon 17/06/2016
BattleTech is the long-running wargame first created by Jordan Weisman in 1984.  Unlike a lot of other sci-fi wargames at the time, BattleTech did not focus on the armoured infantry or hover tanks, but rather on the colossal bipedal war machines known as Battlemechs. Despite being over thirty years old, many of the core rules […]

Harebrained Schemes Crowdfunds Battle Tech, Smashes Initial Goal in an Hour

by Andy Haighon 30/09/2015
Jordan Weisman and Harebrained Schemes, the team behind the several critically acclaimed new Shadowrun games amongst others, have set their sights on a new target – Battle Tech. Originally created by Weisman in the early 80’s as a tabletop game featuring miniatures Battle Tech is set in the far future of 3025 and the Succession […]

Harebrained Schemes announce new Shadowrun location for upcoming Kickstarter

by Andy Haighon 31/12/2014
Shadowrun Returns, born of a phenomenally successful Kickstarter campaign, was met with critical and fan praise ( My thoughts on Shadowrun Returns are here) . The follow up Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut, initially an expansion and then a standalone game, did everything better and addressed a few points made by fans of the original […]

Shadowrun Returns – 8 GPPs

by Andy Haighon 29/07/2013
Shadowrun Returns is a distinctly old-school styled RPG based on the pen and paper role-playing game. The setting for Shadowrun is essentially a mixture of cyberpunk and the fantasy trappings normally associated with Lord of the Rings. The year is 2054 and due to an event referred to as ‘The Awakening’ there has been a […]

Shadowrun Returns New Trailer!

by Andy Haighon 19/07/2013
Shadowrun Returns the long-awaited new game from Harebrained Schemes, has a new trailer for its imminent release on the 25th July.   You can watch it below.