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Armistice – A review

by Cristinaon 07/06/2014
Now, perhaps you’ve heard of Armistice before, maybe under it’s old title of Warhouse, but if you haven’t, here’s a little background. Armistice is an independent UK movie, written by Benjamin Read and Luke Massey, who I’ve determined, after watching the film, are both incredibly twisted (in a good kind of a way). I think […]

Interview with Luke Massey Director of WarHouse

by Cristinaon 08/04/2013
The world revolves around big movies. Okay, it actually revolves around the Sun, but less people know that fact than they know what summer’s next blockbuster will be. And while everything that’s extra shiny draws attention, there are some diamonds in the rough that command it as well, despite them taking longer to be noticed. […]

The Originals

by Cristinaon 14/02/2013
Straight to the point: The Vampire Diaries, one of CW network’s biggest success story, has been struggling for a while to keep up the interest of its fans and with the writers having turned the heroes into a bunch of genocidal maniacs, that hasn’t been an easy task. There is however a general consensus on who […]