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Nevermind: The new horror game that can use your own fear against you

by Sai Mealingon 08/02/2014
Do you remember shitting yourself when that dog jumped through the mansion window in Resident Evil for the first time? And did you ever wish that dog could read your mind and then either scarper or pounce and rip your face off dependant on your level of anxiety? Well that is the kind of experience that […]

DICE Awards now taking submissions

by Stephen Breweron 30/10/2013
The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) has officially started accepting submissions for the 17th Annual DICE Awards. This means that the Academy’s 22,000+ members from the publishing and development sides of the industry are now invited to submit titles for consideration, the finalists will then be announced in January 2014. “The DICE Awards […]

Rain Forecast For PSN This Autumn

by James Buckinghamon 31/05/2013
Queue a number of meteorology-based puns… Rain is a game created by SCE Japan & published by Sony, and looks like it takes some inspiration from the 2000 cult classic Ico. Revealed at GamesCom last year, Rain is an adventure game where the protagonist is a nameless boy who is lost in the rain when […]

Journey; The Game That Never Stopped Believin’

by Matt_Walklateon 10/03/2013
 Thanks to Mark Cox for the inspiration for this title. I couldn’t pass up such a shameless opportunity for punnage now, could I? Once or twice in a console generation, a rare thing will come along. A game that breaks the boundaries of what traditionally defines a videogame, and makes us challenge our often narrow […]