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Suicide Squad – ‘Blitz’ Trailer lands

by Callum Tyndallon 11/04/2016
The newest Suicide Squad trailer has just arrived and features plenty more action, a whole load of Joker and, interestingly, a fair amount of Batman. Perhaps most notable however is the humour content in the trailer. Given that Suicide Squad is apparently undergoing reshoots at the moment designed to up the comedy/fun element, following the […]

Arrow Season 3 to get Katana

by Daniel Delargyon 02/07/2014
Arrow newsflash: actress Devon Aoki has been cast as Tatsu Yamashiro – otherwise known as the superheroine Katana – for the upcoming third season of Arrow! A skilled martial artist, she has served with a number of teams, such as The Outsiders, the Birds of Prey and the Justice League of America. She recently attracted the […]

DC: The Nth Wave

by Laura Maieron 29/03/2013
So DC has cancelled a few series, and launched an equal number of new series in their fourth (I think, could be fifth, I lose track) wave of the New 52. The cancelled titles are The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men, Sword of Sorcery, The Ravagers, Team 7, Deathstroke, I Vampire, DC Universe Presents […]