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Skydive: Proximity Flight

by James Buckinghamon 14/10/2013
Remember those ethereal dreams we have where we can fly? Mine always took the form of an Icarus-esque vision of having my own wings… and that’s obviously not going to happen (without some freaky future genetic engineering going on). However some real-life experiences can get close to that, and skydiving is possibly the best example […]

Microsoft Making Changes to XboxOne

by TheWookieon 19/06/2013
Earlier this week I wrote a piece in response to leaked information which many of you read. ( Today I am happy to announce, I told you so. With a recent statement from the president of interactive entertainment of Microsoft, we are looking at XboxOne undergoing a major overhaul. Xbox heard us and is acting […]

Xbox Comes clean

by TheWookieon 14/06/2013
Xbox Engineer Comes clean about XboxOne   While perusing Internet, I came across an article about the XboxOne that actually made whole hell of a lot of sense. Still not 100% convinced to buy one but here is what he had to say about it, as well as my reactions to some of his responses. […]

TV’s Next Evolutionary Step: 180° TV

by James Buckinghamon 03/05/2013
Remember Microsoft‘s “IllumiRoom” project, rumoured to be part of the Xbox 720 integration? The system involved a set of projectors to add wide-angle content outside of your TV, displayed on the walls around it. The purpose? A more immersive experience for the gamer/viewer. Well, the BBC have been working on a similar concept that initially […]

Xbox 720 Rumoured to have New Controllers & Mandatory Kinect

by James Buckinghamon 14/02/2013
The rumour mill has been kicked into overdrive regarding the next generation of consoles, what with Sony‘s expected Playstation 4 announcement just 6 days away and information leaks ahoy. Some interesting information has come to light regarding the Xbox 720 codenamed “Durango“. Some of the new tidbits of information include a mandatory Kinect connection for […]