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Pokemon TCG coming to iPad

by Bevan Clatworthyon 22/08/2014
An exciting development for fans of the Pokemon TCG out there. An image has been leaked and later confirmed of a Pokemon TCG app for the iPad! Whether this will be cross platform is yet unknown, since the PokeTCG has been available online for quite some time already. However, with the huge popularity of the […]

Strange News Round Up: Mr Poo, Hamuketsu & Jenga

by Stephen Breweron 19/04/2014
In India and UNICEF who have made an appeal online for the other half of the population to use a toilet for their fecal matter. Usually this wouldn’t make the news except for the fact they have made the appeal by making a large brown poo anthropomorphic. The video seen below has a rather catchy […]

EA just want to be loved

by Stephen Breweron 07/11/2013
After winning the unenviable title of ‘Worst Company in America’ for a second year running, EA boss Andrew Wilson and games label head Patrick Soderlund have come out publicly to discuss the company’s need to put their customers first, instead of short-term financials. In a recent interview with Kotaku, the pair talked at length about […]