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90’s Cult hit Twin Peaks set to Return in 2016 via Showcase

by Andy Haighon 08/10/2014
One of the most surprising developments in TV for years is the announcement that Twin Peaks, the cult hit which originally aired in 1990-91, is returning on Showcase for a new series coming in 2016. The original series revolved around FBI agent Dale Cooper (played by Kyle MacLachlan) investigating the murder of home coming queen […]

‘Agents of SHIELD’ gets its Mockingbird

by Daniel Delargyon 20/08/2014
Does anyone recall Patton Oswalt’s special message to greet San Diego Comic-Con SDCC 2014? You know, the one where they make an obvious reference to SHIELD Agent Bobby Morse, aka Mockingbird? Well, if you don’t, here is the message again. It has finally come to light that it wasn’t just a throwaway mention, and a name has […]