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Gotham: The Show We Deserve

by Laura Maieron 25/09/2014
My opinion on DC’s film and TV ventures has been pretty thoroughly documented- from my love of the campy and fun Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Teen Titans Go! cartoons, to my bile-spewing hatred of Beware the Batman and every movie they’ve made since Superman II, to my uncomfortable ambivalence towards Smallville and Arrow. […]

Batgirl’s New Look

by Laura Maieron 30/07/2014
Big changes are afoot for Barbara Gordon. Gail Simone has left the book due to creative differences and writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, along with artist Babs Tarr, have been brought in to give Batgirl a more light-hearted tone- which is what Gail wanted to do, and was the whole reason she left the book in the first place… […]

Geek Pride Comic Blog – 05/07/2014 – Totes Emosh Edition

by Ben Feeon 05/07/2014
Greetings, Programs! We asked the guys to do something a little bit different this week, to talk about comics that moved them emotionally. We want to hear about stories or images that have stayed with you too long after you closed the book and still give you a lump in your throat. Tell us about […]

The Geek Pride Comic Blog – 22/06/2014

by Ben Feeon 22/06/2014
Welcome back to the Geek Pride Comic Blog. This week we talk an elusive Captain Marvel, Suicide Squad and vicarious sexual frustration… Ben Fee: Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie do gods in The Wicked and the Divine #1 – loved it, would read again. Highly recommended and a lot less hipstery than Gillen’s previous stuff. Laura […]

The Geek Pride Comic Blog – 08/06/2014

by Ben Feeon 08/06/2014
Welcome back to the Geek Pride Comic Blog. This week we talk Batgirls, crossover ‘events’ and Grant Morrison. Laura Maier Swainston: Rover Red Charlie both broke my heart and restored my faith in humanity… or, I guess, caninity. That’s about it. Ben Fee: Red Rover Charlie has been eyeing me for a while but…well…dogs. LMS: […]

The Geek Pride Comic Blog – 17/05/2014

by Ben Feeon 17/05/2014
  Hi, comic-book lovers and welcome to the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing weekly blog covering recent news, releases and general stuff about your favourite four-colour medium. This week we discuss some new and recent releases, the fate of Nightwing, and why DC can suck it. The following contains spoilers, swears, and […]

Isometrics: WARP Month: D2, Psychosexuality, Interactive Insanity and the Fin de Millénaire

by David Roseon 26/02/2014
In a wierd mix between the Thing and the Happening, D2 is the epitome of the messed up imagination of Kenji Eno and the final chapter of the Laura Trilogy and his career. In the final part of WARP Month, Isometrics looks at what on earth happened in Alaska… Welcome to Isometrics, for one final […]

Writer’s Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse Team #3 (Laura)

by Laura Maieron 02/12/2012
Welcome, fellow survivors! All aboard the S.S. Headshot! Toot toot! So, you’re probably a little confused right now. The dead are walking the earth, and here you are on a pimped-up cruise ship just off the coast of Southampton with me and my elite team. I know you have a lot of questions, like “Who […]

Comic Book Roundup (21/11/12)

by Laura Maieron 24/11/2012
If you’re a girl looking for strong female role models, then this is a good week for you! Batwoman #14 continues its World’s Finest team-up of Batwoman and Wonder Woman, and does an admirable job of showing their respective strengths, weaknesses and admiration for each other. If I weren’t so fond of Batwoman’s girlfriend Maggie […]