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LSCC 2015: The Good, the Mad, the Pretty

by Laura Maieron 22/03/2015
  I think I’ve now reached the point where I’m a con veteran… having been to too many to count, and having lost track utterly of what happened where and when. Granted, this may have something to do with most of the cons I attend being held at the ExCel Centre in London- and even […]

5 Things to Check Out at LSCC 2015

by Laura Maieron 10/02/2015
LSCC 2015 is just over a month away and OH MY GOSH MY COSPLAYS ARE SO NOT READY OH NO– wait, back on topic. So I know there have been a couple of cons already this year, but LSCC will be the first one I’m going to this year. And I haven’t been to a […]