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Rooftop Retro: Lost Format Society

by Andrew Corbanon 29/04/2016
What can you do on top of an NCP in Croydon on a Wednesday? Enjoy an evening of drinks, food and a good movie of course! The Lost Format Society is a rooftop bar and cinema located in Croydon town centre it is not only a cinematic experience but also doubles as a night out […]

Should we stop getting HYPED?

by Andrew Corbanon 04/06/2015
Fallout 4… Suicide Squad… Game of Thrones… Does the hype train ever stop? When it comes to geeky things I like, I will happily be the first guy to get SUPER hyped up about the latest trailer, announcement, casting decision, etcetera etcetera… but as we get older we start to recognise how that may hurt […]

Unbreakable Imperator Furiosa: The Mad Max/Kimmy Schmidt Mash-Up You Didn’t Know You Needed

by Ben Feeon 25/05/2015
Every now and again comes a perfect mash-up; two things so diverse in tone they shouldn’t work together but, like a delicious ham and pineapple pizza, they just do. Check out the video below for a sublime splicing of Tina Fey’s new-girl-in-the-big-city sitcom The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller’s eyeball-bleaching […]

Full length trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road is here and it’s insane!

by Andy Haighon 10/12/2014
The first full trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, the long awaited fourth film in the Mad Max series, just appeared and it’s the best trailer for an action oriented film in years. The world of returning director and co-writer George Miller’s famous creation looks stunning with sun baked sand dunes, choking sand storms and […]

Trailer for Mad Max Fury Road will Blow Your Mind

by Andy Haighon 28/07/2014
The first trailer for Mad Max Fury Road, the long awaited fourth film in the Mad Max series, which is a prequel or reboot depending who  you believe, just appeared and if it doesn’t get your motor running then you must be dead. There’s trailers and then there’s this trailer which frankly makes pretty much […]