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The Geek Pride Cast #ManchesterMCM18

by Matt Gearyon 03/08/2018
This week Matt and Laura are at MCM Manchester trying to stop people walking in front of the camera, knocking it and generally being spatially unaware … we also talk James Gunn, Cosplay and of course MCM. If you would like to see live streamed podcasts, then please check out our Facebook, Youtube and Twitch […]

The Geek Pride Cast #MCMManchester17

by Matt Gearyon 05/08/2017
This weeks Geek Pride Cast was filmed and recorded at MCM Manchester and has to be one of the most eventful casts we have done to date. Including Batman, Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, a lot of Spidermen, Zombies and the death of Sean Wallace. Don’t forget that all Geek Pride Podcasts, including this one and Pitch, […]


by Matt Gearyon 10/06/2015
Matt talks to the amazing Maya Stojan, who plays Agent 33 in Agents of Shield … things dont go overly to plan though and Maya has to help Matt out a bit… Real pleasure talking to her. Enjoy!  

Funny Cosplay Interviews from Manchester MCM 2014

by Matt Gearyon 11/08/2014
At This years MCM Manchester we decided to take a different slant at interviewing Cosplayers, check out Kyle’s shenanigans below: Make sure to subscribe to our channel!

Pre Manchester MCM Round up

by Michael Gearyon 06/07/2014
The time has almost come for me to join the elite of the comic convention party goers as the Manchester MCM quickly approaches. Due to its huge impact last year and sell out attendance, M-Con 2014 is being held over 2 days at Manchester Central, the weekend of 19–20th July .   After attending Belfast-Con, a […]

A Review of Free RPG Day – 21st June 2014

by Lendosanon 22/06/2014
Yesterday I graced Manchester with my presence on a rare weekend off, just so I could enjoy Free RPG (Roleplay Game) Day.  Each year there are a couple of freebie days where you can grab Comics/RPGs/CCGs from your local hobby stores, in the hope that you pick up with the hobby and motivate business.  Its […]

Cardiff Plays Host To 2nd Annual Zombie Apocalypse

by James Buckinghamon 29/01/2014
Ok so I’m getting married in June, in a typically geeky fashion… and there’s one thing I’d KILL to be able to do for my stag party – a zombie apocalypse experience day. Well as it happens, I may actually be able to take part in something similar, but on a much larger scale than […]


by Matt Gearyon 20/10/2013
Had a great Time at Play Expo this year, check out our video below!

Dark Souls II Preview; Prepare to Die, Again (and Again, and Again…)

by Matt_Walklateon 20/10/2013
“Welcome to Play Expo. Prepare to die…again. Because you’re about to go beyond death. This, is Dark Souls II.” These were the first words I heard upon entering the Namco Bandai area at Play Expo in Manchester last weekend. Strong words indeed, but overly dramatic as they may be, it certainly hammers home what the […]

Geek Pride at Play Expo 2013

by Matt_Walklateon 14/10/2013
As some readers may know, Geek Pride was once again invited along to Play Expo in Manchester this year; hosted by Re-Play events. Last year’s expo was a sprawling, all encompassing event that had everything from pinball and classic arcade machines to cutting edge previews, and even pro gaming tournaments. This year the show was […]