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The Read Pile – The GP comics blog

by Andy Haighon 16/02/2016
Greetings dear readers and welcome to the inaugural instalment of The Read Pile the new semi-regular blog all about sequential art. The Read Pile will feature myself ( you can find more of my random utterings on Twitter @Wolverinesclaws) and various others from the rogues gallery that is GP discussing what we’ve read recently, what’s […]

Here’s a “Civil War ” Trailer We Wish We Could Tell You Was Real

by The_Dark_Mikeon 27/09/2014
Fan trailers are normally, quite frankly, clown shoes. Youtuber Saul Rosales (or Superman21 to his friends) has seen to put an end to this fact, with what is an unbelievably slick trailer for what could’ve been, if Fox had stopped pouting (and sending us C&Ds)  and Sony decided to realise the HUGE business opportunity available to them. […]

Marvel’s ‘X-Force’ is Gathering Pace

by Andrew Corbanon 15/08/2013
It has recently been announced that Jeff Wadlow is set to write and direct Marvel’s X-Force, due for release in 2016. In a recent interview with IGN.COM (Kick-Ass 2 spoilers alert), Jeff discusses that when he heard that Mark Millar got the job as the creative consultant for the Marvel Movieverse at Fox, he chased […]

Kick-Ass creator awarded MBE

by Richie Janukowiczon 18/06/2013
Maverick writer and film producer Mark Miller, creator of Kick-Ass, has gone all establishment after being awarded an MBE, that’s Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for those who don’t know. The Herald Scotland reported that Millar gained the recognition for his services to literature and drama. Originally from Coatbridge in Lanarkshire, the graphic […]

Welcome to Millarworld: a guided tour

by The_Dark_Mikeon 03/06/2013
In 2010 something happened that revolutionised the way that not only comic books were made, but also how movies are produced. The movie rights to Kick Ass were sold before the first issue of the comic even graced shelves. The finished products (both print and movie) let audiences discover several significant factoids: 1: Sometimes a […]

Press Release: Mark Millar confirmed as Creative Consultant for FOX’s MARVEL projects

by Becca Harperon 02/10/2012
Scottish Comic book writer, Mark Millar has been hired by FOX to be their creative consultant on their MARVEL Comics projects. Namely X-Men and a reboot of Fantastic Four to begin. With The Avengers being a complete success in terms of not only revenue but also in bringing together a superhero team and making it […]

Jim Carrey confirmed for Kick-Ass 2

by Becca Harperon 07/09/2012
  With 3 days until filming begins on Kick-Ass 2:Balls to the Wall, it was confirmed by Mark Millar yesterday that Jim Carrey will be starring in the role of Colonel Stars, the Born Again christian badass, co founder of the superhero group Justice Forever. Mark Millar states: [quote]Matthew Vaughn, Jeff Wadlow and I did […]