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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Review 2

by Jonjo Cosgroveon 30/04/2017
The Guardians Are Back To Save The Universe Again...With ANOTHER Awesome Mix To Take You Away!

First glimpse at Marvel’s Ant-Man!

by Deepdarkredon 19/08/2014
It was definitely not an easy ride for this particular Marvel hero when it came to getting his own movie, but it seems like things are finally on the way. The very first picture taken on the set of the movie was released for the public. Paul Rudd, who will be playing Scott Lang, the […]

Deadpool Movie?

by LadyNoctison 06/07/2013
There has been talks about a spin-off Deadpool movie for quite some time, since the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which to be fair left a lot of fans disappointed (myself included). It’s been revealed in a recent interview Ryan Reynold’s did with Total Film Magazine that he is still onboard to star as Wade […]

Where are the Female Avengers?

by Laura Maieron 16/03/2013
OMG they’re making a Guardians of the Galaxy movie! Isn’t that great? No. Well, OK, it’s pretty cool that they’re giving the less famous titles a cinematic airing. I’ll give them that. What’s not great is that popular female characters are getting shunted to one side in favour of the more obscure characters. It’s not […]

Marvel Round-Up: 02/01/13

by Laura Maieron 06/01/2013
Prelude to Iron Man 3 #1 of 2 Obviously you’ve all seen the Iron Man 3 trailer and felt all the feels from “Don’t die, Pepper!” to “Holy shitsnacks, is that Iron Patriot?!” If you haven’t -maybe you’ve been trapped in an ice cube since WW2- go YouTube that shit right now, and then get […]