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Nerd Block Classic: August 2016 Box

by xdustineflxon 24/08/2016
  Much like Geek Fuel, last month was my first experience with Nerd Block. I went with the Classic block, and after being pretty happy with it, I kept Classic again this month, hoping to go 2-for-2. It didn’t happen with Geek Fuel, and regular Loot Crate has long been in decline, so I needed […]

Lessons Learned: Education through Animation

by joshkingofgeekson 23/07/2015
Saturday morning cartoons, for me, meant that high adventure and action awaited, the weekend visits from the likes of He-Man, Lion O, Inspector Gadget and my all-time favorite M.A.S.K made the school week bearable. Theme music that made you giddy and opening sequences that left you wanting more but more importantly, though unknown to me then, […]